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Fuelling the future - sustainable technology

Through its manufacturing facility in Dalian, China, MSR-Jebsen Technologies produces energy-saving gasoline direct-injection fuel pump housings. It also has plans to produce turbo chargers and dual clutch applications in the future.MSR-Jebsen Technologies provides localised world-class solutions for the automotive components market with a focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies.

Gasoline direct fuel-injection pump housing

A new technology created by a global demand for the reduction of carbon emissions from gasoline engines, gasoline direct fuel-injection (GDI) engines are regarded as the optimal green solution for small to medium cars. Direct injection increases fuel efficiency by 15 per cent compared to conventional technologies.
MSR-Jebsen Technologies’ gasoline direct fuel-injection pump housing is based on an innovative design, and built with stainless steel, to address the extreme pressures required and eliminate leakage.

Quality control -superior standards

To ensure all MSR-Jebsen products meet customer requirements, inspection procedures have been established at each stage of the manufacturing process, in line with quality control standards of the global technology providers. This gives clients upstream the peace of mind they seek for manufacturing quality at their production lines.

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