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News   MSR-Jebsen will be participating in Auto Shanghai 2013
MSR-Jebsen will be participating in Auto Shanghai 2013
New MSR-Jebsen joint venture brings precision automotive technologies to China

Auto Shanghai 2013
Shanghai International Auto Parts & Accessories Exhibition

Date:  Apr 21-29 
Venue:  Shanghai New International Expo Centre 
Booth:  N5-C001
Website: www.autoshanghai.org


Jebsen Industrial successfully debuts its Made by Jebsen brands at Auto Shanghai 2013


From Apr 21-29, what is regarded as one of the world’s three major motor shows was held at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre. Auto Shanghai 2013, also known as the 15th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, attracted some 2,000 exhibitors from across 18 countries and regions.


Outdoing its 2011 record, Auto Shanghai 2013 stretched over 280,000sqm of exhibition space and welcomed an astounding 813,000 visitors. Serving as a high-level platform for the global automotive industry to gather, network and exchange knowledge, Auto Shanghai grabbed industry attention around the world.


Jebsen Industrial took this opportunity to successfully introduce its Made by Jebsen brands to the market with thousands of show-goers visiting its booth.





Keeping a firm pace with two


Jebsen Industrial’s range of auto components and parts comprises not only those it represents and distributes, but more interestingly, those it manufactures independently. Some have likened this to ‘walking on two legs’.


At Auto Shanghai 2013, the PROFIL fastener technology that Jebsen Industrial represents was of great interest to many show-goers. Able to replace welding without altering the mechanical structure of joints, PROFIL solutions offer zero functional damage, excellent dynamic load and a 30% cost savings compared to conventional technology. It can be applied to the car body as well as a variety of other car parts including seats, doors, instrument panels and pedals.


Of equal interest to show-goers was Mitec-Jebsen’s balancer shafts. As the only foreign-owned manufacturer of balancer shafts in China, Mitec-Jebsen is reputed for producing high performance balancer shafts. On the other hand, Jebsen-TCG’s oil pumps are able to reduce carbon emissions and improve engine life.


The highlight of Auto Shanghai 2013 for Jebsen Industrial, however, was the showcase of its latest and third joint venture business – MSR-JebsenTechnologies. The brand began production in the first quarter of this year focusing primarily on energy-saving direct injection fuel pump-housings. It also has plans to expand its product range to include dual clutch transmission components and precision parts for turbochargers. 




A win-win situation with high-end OEM manufacturers


Jebsen Automotive Technik General Manager Arnie Jensen, in a media interview held on the sidelines of Auto Shanghai 2013, said: “Our product line was created to meet the needs of OEM manufacturers. These products are comparatively advanced ones. Taking Volkswagen for example, our first step was to help them realise local production; second step, after beginning local production, was to market similar products to domestic OEM players as these are well suited to their needs.


For example, last year we established our third joint venture business for mainly precision auto parts. This demand is coming from OEM players since engines are becoming increasingly compact. First, turbo-charged engines offer greater power in a smaller package, and secondly, dual-clutches are also becoming just as compact, which means more stringent demands for precision parts.


All in all, Jebsen Industrial’s leading manufacturing technology today was achieved by partnering high-end OEM suppliers and accumulating and refining this knowledge.”




New direction for a veteran business


The successful debut of the Made by Jebsen brands at Auto Shanghai 2013 owes its achievements to Jebsen Group’s century-old philosophy of embracing the new with vitality. The ease with which Jebsen Industrial has transformed its role in the automotive industry supply chain is testament to the Group’s strengths in logistics, marketing and distribution, procurement, human resources and management.


In addition, Jebsen Industrial has a strong local procurement team that helps its joint venture businesses source for local materials. This helps bring down manufacturing cost and raise productivity – the effectiveness of which is clearly seen in terms of business development.


It was clear at Auto Shanghai 2013 that China’s automotive industry is taking yet another stride closer to reaching global standards. Jebsen Industrial has set its sights on providing the domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers with highly efficient, performance driven technology and solutions to meet the needs of China’s growing automotive industry.




To find out how Jebsen Industrial can help you succeed in China, or for details of any of the products and services featured here, please contact us at indenquiry@jebsen.com.


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